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Someone once said that....

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"Men are not important in life.

We just get himself better.

Do not need to be a burden, alone, more comfortable "

That is the teaching of a mother ....

Time after time ... good love comes through. Bad love It has come through as well, and attacking the heart almost becomes a madman, the idea in the head that "This time would be my last love. I think I'm just enough, On the other hand, but wait a minute ...I don't mean that I am insatiable... but that is the last love. It is a deception but an illusion. When loved ones Causing us pain and suffering both physically and mentally and this love It was very bad in my life, for a person to be confident in love, must also be confident in the lover. In the beginning, I was confident that he must be the person who can carry out the marriage successfully. Help solve any problems you do. On the other hand, like the flip of a hand after hand. Which I don't understand either. Many words make him trust, Of course, the good things he has Is someone who thinks and speaks things logically Always use reason to talk but what he had said would do very little or not at all sometimes .... I consulted with friends Friend who are dating for over 15 years. Friends give good suggestions. Became me stupid Going back to a bad point until now. Events Some events We will never know how terrible it is when we have not encountered ourselves. But no one wanted to face a terrible situation, Stupidity and stupidity tell love story Didn't know why he would take himself to face this kind of thing If aside from the foolishness of love It was fate destined to be this way. But in the future, we still want to have hope. And look forward to from this point on ...


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Someone once said that....